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ssd soluton

Universal SSD Chemical Solution and Activation powder for cleaning all types of black negatives and white negatives, stamped, marked or stained currencies. We are leading service providers with professional technicians that can travel to other countries around the world to get your black, white, green and red notes cleaned up, restored and ready for use. We retail our products in smaller quantities of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Litre, 2Litres, 3Litres, 5Litres and 10Litres. We are located in South Africa ,SPAIN,CHINA,Zambia,TURKEY,ITALY,CANADA, ALGERIA, USA,UK AND UAE. Kindly contact us through Email sheikhmbuga5@gmail.com OR Call & Whatsapp Chat : +27735257866   http://mbugassdsolution.website2.me       https://paparazaq.blogspot.com  http://bestssdchemicalsolution.over-blog.com


-SSD Chemical Solution

-Activation Powder/ Anti Virus

-Automatic black money Cleaning Machine

-Mercury Powder-Humine Powder-SSD Supreme Solution

-SSD universal Solution

-SSD Solution PK 58

-SSD Topix solution

-SSD Castro X Liquid-Oxide solution -Tebi ssdhz powder-Tebi-SSd Solution

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